Deep In My Heart I Do Believe

This week I watched a fantastic documentary film called Shared Legacies: The African-American Jewish Civil Rights Alliance. The inspiration of Shared Legacies was in jarring contrast to the Washington riot we’ve been seeing replayed over and over on television. It’s hard to place the lives lost in the DC melee beside civil rights martyrs. Still, we must remember that some lost their lives in a way that refocused our attention on the things that really matter in America and beyond. A juxtaposition of January 6 with a previous Black Lives Matter march and rally allows those who are willing to…

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Dare. Question. Learn.

Image of Rachel Weisz as Hypatia

Some things are timeless… Like Hypatia of Alexandria. The guardian ancestor of Cherry Hill Seminary has been a model for fearless learning since the third century of this era. Hypatia taught her students to pursue knowledge and live with the integrity demanded by a rapidly-changing society. This is why we join her global admirers each year to celebrate her March 15 birthday (coincidentally, the same day that the Seminary received our nonprofit status) by asking for your support. Like Hypatia, Cherry Hill Seminary dares our students to step out of their comfort zone, question their assumptions, learn new ways to…

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Pagans in Pandemic Spring 2020

We asked you to share what’s happening in your world as we go through the pandemic together. Thanks to everyone who responded! Read here Aidan Solar in Canada; Lucia Morena Vela in Spain; Laurel Holmstrom-Keyes in California; Julie Olson, CMC, in Arizona; Katherine Bayne in Virginia; David Oringderff in Missouri; Strobus White in Massachusetts; Maggie Beaumont in New Jersey; Megan Woolever in California; Joan Ouimette, M.Div. and CHS alumna; Michael York, in England; Cynthia Cebuhar in Arizona; Brandy Williams in Washington (state); Jennifer Bennett in Massachusetts; Wes Isley, M.Div. and CHS alumnus; Lauren Raine in Arizona, former CHS Artist-in-Residence; Valentine McKay-Riddell…

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A Calling to Pagans

Tomorrow many Christians will celebrate a feast of fire which they call Pentecost. Some of you may remember the story, and it feels as if fire is raining down on all our heads today, around our country, just as it did on the early apostles of the Pentecost story. I asked my friend, a Lutheran minister, what he plans to say to his congregation tomorrow. He had just driven several hours to get home in time to attend a rally here in Columbia which turned ugly after he left, thinking it was over. He pointed out that we can let…

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  • Congratulations Robert Patrick!

    The 2023 Professor of the Year is Robert Patrick!

    Read here about the Feb 25 ceremony, awards, and view recording.