Digital Marketing Volunteer

Digital Marketing Volunteer

Organization: Cherry Hill Seminary, a nonprofit distance educational institution since the early 2000s
Location: Columbia, South Carolina
Customers across the United States, Canada and parts of Europe
Where the role is based: Remote

Opportunity description
Seeking a volunteer to help with the development and implementation of the Digital Marketing strategy for Cherry Hill Seminary.
The volunteer should be familiar with Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and SEO. The volunteer will be working directly with a computer savvy and motivated Executive Director.

• Develop content in creative and innovative ways to promote Cherry Hill Seminary services to potential students
∙ Increase our brand awareness.
∙ Maintain/update content and develop our existing website
∙ Create graphics and other media for promotional purposes
∙ Implement and develop our overall Digital Marketing Strategy

Required skills
∙ Digital marketing

Person description
We are looking for someone who has a desire to help people develop their calling in Pagan/nature-based spirituality. We are looking for someone who can work as part of a team, who is open-minded and able to engage with diverse groups within the Pagan and Nature-based spirituality communities.

∙ Experience in managing multiple social media platforms
∙ Knowledge of social media platforms
∙ Knowledge of website design tools
∙ Knowledge of marketing strategy and donor retention
∙ Good content writing & IT skills.

∙ Commitment to multifaceted diversity and meeting inclusion challenges
∙ Ability to be creative and innovative
∙ Passion about helping to bring positive change to the spiritual community
∙ Able to self-motivate and work well as part of a team
∙ Desire to impact the lives of others through education

Impact of this opportunity
Your donated time allows Cherry Hill Seminary to raise its profile and become visible to the broader academic and Pagan community. You will assist Cherry Hill Seminary with promoting its brand, to reach more students and to let potential donors know the value of Pagan theological and pastoral education and how we provide quality academic instruction.

What’s in it for the volunteer?
You will be volunteering for an academic organization which well-established but under-marketed. You will be inspired by the depth of our community and inspired to help us grow in a rapidly evolving market. You will make a significant difference in the lives of spiritually motivated individuals and those who want to pursue their calling of ministry.

Time commitment
1-2 days per week (dependent on availability, days are open to discussion). Minimum 6 months, 12 months preferable.

Other details
Current programs in use: WordPress; Hootsuite; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Canva, Constant Contact, and standard office software.

Additional application instructions
We will respond to your application as soon as reasonably possible. Please be patient with us and thank you for showing an interest. Please provide name (no magical names, please), address, phone, email address, as well as resume, two references we may contact, and any other documents or portfolio materials you feel would be helpful to our consideration.

Contact Details
Holli Emore, Executive Director,, 803-862-9088 (leave voice mail)

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