New Book Published by CHS Executive Director

New Book Published by CHS Executive Director

Constellated Ministry book cover

Cover artist Sarah Kurlowich

We are delighted to announce that Constellated Ministry: A Guide for Those Serving Today’s Pagans by Cherry Hill Seminary’s Executive Director, Holli S. Emore, is now available for purchase, courtesy of Equinox Publishing. A book on Pagan ministry, we are proud of this contribution to the broader community and hope that future spiritual leaders will lean on its content for guidance as the develop their ministerial practice.

“There are no easy answers here; we are attempting to chart a map for a constantly moving starscape. My hope is that not only Pagans will use Constellated Ministry, but that it becomes a tool for the thousands of chaplains at military bases, hospitals, hospices and police departments who are genuinely committed to serving all who need them.” –  Holli S. Emore

Publishers Summary

“Pagan traditions are the fastest-growing religious group in America, or so it has often been said since British witchcraft arrived in the late 1950s. Numbers are tricky to come by, but we know that contemporary Pagans report themselves as living in every American state, and in countries around the world. Historian Ronald Hutton is fond of pointing out that witchcraft is the one new religion that England has produced and shared globally.

This volume reviews the shifting landscape of current Pagan spirituality, the unique culture and needs which must be understood in order to engage with contemporary Pagans, and the implications for future leadership, including organizational models, training and educational needs. The author has interviewed Pagan leaders about their own experiences and looks at data from the Pagan Engagement and Spiritual Support survey of 2016 to answer questions such as What does “ministry” mean for Pagans? Who do Pagans turn to for spiritual support? Who ought to be providing that support? Do Pagans want leaders who are trained for ministry? What kind of training do they need, and how do they get it?

If you are a Pagan who wishes to support others in these ways, you will find here a framework for your own work, including stories and examples. If you are an interfaith minister, a chaplain, or a spiritual leader who finds that Pagans are intersecting with your work, you will become acquainted with the culture of this old-but-new spirituality. If you are an educator, may you find Constellated Ministry useful in teaching seminarians and students of religious studies.”


“Holli Emore offers a wise, inspiring and invaluable guide for all those called to the sacred task of tending to the spiritual needs of the modern Pagan community. She shares a framework of best practices and helpful recommendations, tools and ideas for effective, compassionate, and skillful Pagan ministry and a sustaining vision for all those also called to service.”

“The book is amazingly comprehensive, and perfect for Pagans/Heathens/etc. who feel called to do ministry of any kind. It gives guidance to untrained folks who find themselves unexpectedly in leadership positions in our changing times. Shifting the focus from locations and individuals, the usual Pagan group paradigm, to a more “constellated” point of view may provide a firmer basis for Pagan ministry in the future. This is a must-read for anyone considering a ministry in the Pagan communities.”

“Ministry and chaplaincy grow increasingly complex and nuanced as Western societies evolve and diversify in their spiritual affiliations and needs. Holli Emore’s book is a wise guide through the landscape of Pagan chaplaincy that will aid both those working or training as Pagan chaplains and those who may be called to serve Pagans in a non-denominational ministry. The book draws on insights from Emore’s wide experience in chaplaincy and from her important research in the Pagan Engagement and Spiritual Support Survey. Constellated Ministry is a highly useful resource for those interested in Pagan practice today.”