Cherry Hill Seminary programs are designed to meet the needs of working adults, living in a complex and demanding world.

Because Cherry Hill Seminary teaches primarily through distance education, students have more flexibility in the specific hours each week they need to reserve for study. With no need for daily travel to classes, Cherry Hill Seminary classes are both environmentally-sound and time-efficient.

Degrees, Certificates and Programs

Community Ministry Certificate

Fill in learning gaps and receive guidance towards your ministry goals through our signature program. Those who successfully complete the 13-month mentored independent study may apply for ministerial credentials with Sacred Well Congregation.

Spiritual Direction Certificate

Spiritual Direction is a process typically offered within faith traditions as a part of formation for religious professionals and selected lay leaders. During the last 15 years training has shifted from small, independent programs to comprehensive programs housed in or affiliated with learning institutions such as Cherry Hill Seminary. Our program is unique because it not only helps spiritual directors to be deeply grounded in their own spiritual identity, but also equips them to practice with clients of a variety of (and no) spiritual identities. This 24-month, fully virtual program is the first of its kind, as currently there are no programs grounded in earth-relating/deities-honoring spiritualities.

Writing as a Spiritual Practice

Is writing your chosen creative expression? Want to explore how it can also be your spiritual expression? The Certificate of Writing as a Spiritual Practice is a year of developing your writing in all the ways it is rooted in and reveals itself spiritually: Nature writing, short fiction, poetry and prayer, playwriting for ritual, and writing for children. Weekly individual meetings with instructor as well as group critique meetings. By the end of the course, each participant will produce at least one piece suitable for publication in a CherryHill Seminary Anthology of Spiritual Writing.

Master’s Degrees

We offer Master of Divinity (M.Div.), Master of Divinity – Pastoral Counseling & Chaplaincy, and Master of Pagan Studies degrees.

Insights Courses

Four-week courses which focus on a specific topic and are available to the general public without application for admission to Cherry Hill Seminary.

Pagan Life Academy

A series of eight print lessons, Pagan Life Academy is aimed at supporting incarcerated Pagans on their journey to wholeness. This program includes lessons that incorporate elements from most major traditions and emphasizes some of the values they have in common. Those who complete their studies may apply to receive recognition of their achievement. Note: this is not a correspondence course.


There are several ways to pursue learning with Cherry Hill Seminary, as described by our Degrees and Programs listed above. Potential applicants should understand that the master’s degree program is competitive, requiring a rigorous admissions process, as described in the Student Catalog. Pursuit of a certificate may be less strenuous, depending on the certificate, although some certificates have specific requirements. Learn more about our admissions process and begin your journey with Cherry Hill Seminary today!