Votaries Alumni Circle

Graduates, students and friends now have more ways to stay connected and continue supporting quality Pagan and Nature Spirituality education by becoming a member of our new Cherry Hill Seminary Votaries Alumni Circle. Annual membership offers opportunities for celebration, networking, continuing education, outreach, recognition and service.


Why the Name Votaries?

In ancient and modern times, a person dedicated to religious service may be referred to as a “votary.” A votary can also be a passionate advocate of something, like Pagan and Nature Spirituality education. For these reasons, the Alumni Circle has chosen Votary as a name that reflects its mission and purpose.

Benefits for Votaries

  • Alumni-exclusive events throughout the year
  • Invitations to upcoming student graduations
  • CHS-branded gifts designed especially for alumni (see below)

Who Can Join?

All CHS degree program graduates and Community Ministry Certificate graduates. Membership is also open to currently enrolled students who wish to deepen their engagement with and commitment to Cherry Hill Seminary. Email alumni@cherryhillseminary.org with questions.

Votaries Alumni Circle Constitution and Bylaws

Annual Membership Levels

Votaries regular members may choose either the 2 X 6-inch, full-color Votaries bookmark OR a fun 20-oz. “Witchcraft” mug. $60

Votaries of Hypatia will receive 1 of the following: a. the 2 X 6-inch, full-color Votaries bookmark; b. “Witchcraft” mug; OR c. their choice of CHS staff/faculty literature, Constellated Ministry by Holli Emore or Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes edited by Wendy Griffin. $120

Votaries Aspirant will receive the handy 2 X 6-inch, full-color Votaries bookmark. $30

Have enough bling? Just jot a line in the Notes section of your payment to tell us your preference.