Parting Words: Candace Kant, Ph.D.

From Our Outgoing Academic Dean:

Dear Students, Faculty, Staff and Board Leadership,

I have genuinely enjoyed serving as Academic Dean for the past three years and have been honored to be able to work with the dedicated, committed, talented, and enthusiastic students, faculty, and administration of Cherry Hill Seminary.

In my three years as Academic Dean we have reviewed our curriculum and our degrees and have continued to prepare for eventual accreditation. We have provided both graduate and Insights courses that are needed by our community. I am very proud of what has been accomplished, the growth we have had and are having, and the progress we have made.

I have been Academic Dean since July 2018. Before becoming Academic Dean, I served as Dean of Students for Cherry Hill Seminary from 2012 to 2018, giving me a total of nine years serving the school.

As I progress through my “golden years,” I feel that at this time in my life I should step aside in favor of leadership that is more attuned to the changing nature of our community, the educational environment, and our world.

I remain committed to the mission and goals of Cherry Hill Seminary. I will be available to assist with a smooth transition and to be of any help that I can to whomever assumes the position of Academic Dean in the future

I anticipate remaining affiliated with Cherry Hill Seminary other ways, depending upon the needs of the school.

Candace C. Kant, Ph.D.