Spiritual Direction Certificate Admissions Process

Applications are now open until August 1, 2023 for Cohort 3 beginning September 1, 2023.

Applicants will be contacted for an interview with the program chair, and receive notification of admission by August 15.

What you need to submit

  1. Application Form with admission fee
  2. Two short essays
  3. Two letters of reference
  4. Interview with CHS Staff

Application Details

Essay (1):  1-2 pp double-spaced in 12-point font. Please share your current understanding of the ministry of spiritual direction, and describe your discernment of call to the ministry of spiritual direction.
Essay (2): 1-2 pp double-spaced in 12-point font. Please narrate your faith journey and current spiritual practices, including a description of your relationship to a faith or spiritual community.

Two letters of reference which attest to your readiness to undertake the responsibility of offering spiritual guidance and to commit to academic study.
Letter (1): A person in your professional life or a leader in your spiritual community/tradition who knows you well (If you need to schedule a time where they interview you, that is an option.)
Letter (2): A person in your personal life who is NOT a family member who knows your spiritual and personal commitments and traits.

An interview with the Spiritual Direction Certificate program lead and dean of students.

Your own spiritual direction:
The effective and ethical practice of spiritual mentoring depends upon the caregiver’s continual cultivation of emotional and spiritual resources, self-knowledge, and ability to use themselves for the care of others. Therefore students are required to be in spiritual direction with a practitioner at their own expense. Students should indicate that they have begun this requirement by requesting that a letter be sent by their spiritual mentor to the Program Chair indicating that the spiritual direction is either ongoing or will commence by the time you start the program. Mentors must be approved by the Program Chair. Referrals will be provided on request.

Complete your application and submit materials by using the Spiritual Direction Application form.

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