Discontents Revisited Web Panel

Cherry Hill Seminary and the Univ. of S.C. Institute for Anthropology and Archaeology present on Sunday, December 13 at 2:00 PM Eastern (US) Time:

An online panel with Michael Strmiska, Diana Paxson, Gus DiZerega, Jon Leader and other Paganism and Its Discontents contributors, as well as Ethan Stark of Heathens Against Hate, as they revisit the rise in white nationalism and appropriation of Heathen symbols since the March 2019 symposium.

Contemporary Heathenry has held an attraction for proponents of white nationalism, many of whom claim the religious tradition as their own, to the dismay of inclusive Heathens. Since the March 2019 symposium Paganism & Its Discontents held by Cherry Hill Seminary and the University of South Carolina Institute for Anthropology and Archaeology racism has become more overt, with alarming increases in racist and anti-semitic hate speech, vandalism and outright violence. The publication of papers from the symposium has sparked renewed discussion about how to use our scholarship to inform strategies for reducing the threat and achieving more harmonious communities. There is no cost to attend, but guests must register to receive a link for the panel.

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