Academic Calendar

Note to faculty: Grades are always due to the office no later than two weeks after the last day of class. (updated 12-17-21)

Fall Semester startSep 4Dec 17
Drop/Add deadlineSep 17
Faculty course proposals for Spring semesterOct 1
Insights 2Oct 1Oct 28
Insights 3Nov 1Nov 28
End of Fall SemesterDec 17
All final grades dueDec 24
Spring Semester startJan 8Apr 22
Insights 1Feb 1Feb 28
Drop/Add deadlineJan 21
Faculty course proposals for Summer semesterJan 28
Insights 2Mar 1Mar 28
Insights 3Apr 1Apr 28
End of Spring SemesterApr 22
All final grades dueMay 6
Summer Semester startMay 7Aug 12
Drop/Add deadlineMay 20
Insights 1Jun 1Jun 28
Faculty course proposals for Fall semesterMay 27
Insights 2Jul 2Jul 28
Insights 3Aug 2Aug 28
End of Summer SemesterAug 12
All final grades dueAug 25
Fall Semester startSep 3Dec 16
Drop/Add deadlineSep 16
Insights 1 startOct 1Oct 28
Faculty course proposals for Spring semesterSep 23
Insights 2 startOct 1Oct 28
Insights 3 startNov 1Nov 28
End of Fall SemesterDec 16
All final grades dueDec 30
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