Try Spiritual Direction with our SpiDir Interns

Welcome Seeker!
Below is a list of folks currently enrolled in the Spiritual Direction Certification program with Cherry Hill Seminary. During the second year of the course students work with three people, for free, as a practicum. If you are interested in doing Spiritual Direction work, please click into a web site/email and book a “get to know you” appointment. The two of you then can discern a match together. Appointments begin April/May 2022.

Jeffrey Keefer
Grounded in the belief that nature is sacred, spiritual direction is a ministry of walking together to explore deep meaning and transformative mystery.

M Barclay
Spiritual direction offers a space of companionship as you seek your place in the whole of things, tend your interior life, and nurture collective flourishing

Mason Davenport
Simply put, spiritual direction is your opportunity to explore, discuss, interrogate, wrestle with, or even negotiate the spiritual aspects of your life in place of safety and without judgment.

Sionainn McLean
Spiritual Direction is spiritual companionship- the meeting, sharing and witnessing of spiritual journey work and spiritual exploration. It is sacred journeys, shared.

Valerie Freseman
Spiritual direction is the process of accompanying people on their spiritual journey. A spiritual director works with seekers who wish to listen for the voice of God/Goddess in their lives, discern the spiritual dimensions of vocation, or offer listening and guidance around spiritual practice.

Rachel Wade-Harper
Spiritual Direction is a sacred conversation between the Seeker, the Companion, and ‘Spirit’. It is a mindful exploration of the connections and questions humans have in their lives. As we explore these questions and connections Seekers are able to uncover their inner knowing.

Sophon Shadraconis
Spiritual direction is serving as a companion for an individual to discover and unfold their relationship with the Divine. This may manifest in many ways such as guiding a seeker through a transition, holding space for a seeker as they make sense and/or meaning of their life experiences, or being present – which can take myriad forms – with an individual as they relay their experience of the Divine and how he/she/it operates in their life.

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