Writing as a Spiritual Practice

Is writing your chosen creative expression? Want to explore how it can also be your spiritual expression? 

The Certificate of Writing as a Spiritual Practice is a year of developing your writing in all the ways it is rooted in and reveals itself spiritually: Nature writing, short fiction, poetry and prayer, playwriting for ritual, and writing for children.

Weekly individual meetings with instructor as well as group critique meetings. By the end of the course, each participant will produce at least one piece suitable for publication in a CherryHill Seminary Anthology of Spiritual Writing.

Why this Certificate?

As part of Cherry Hill Seminary’s mission to empower spiritual leadership and scholarship, our students’ meaningful written expression is an important tool. Writings developed in the CWSP program–

  • Support student participation in community events as a ritual leader;
  • Encourage the articulation of theological thinking;
  • Enhance personal spiritual practice;
  • Produce quality reading material for children and/or young adults; and
  • Create meaningful fiction and non-fiction to benefit the wider reading public.

During your time in the group you will–

  • Develop a personal devotional practice of spiritual writing.
  • Develop proficiency in writing in several styles/genres/modalities.
  • Produce work in several styles/genres/modalities of writing as a spiritual writing practice.
  • Produce at least one publishable piece per module.
  • Demonstrate editing and self-editing skills on your own and others’ work.

Quarterly tuition $375 payable at the beginning of that quarter, total for full year $1500. Check the Academic Calendar for date of the next cohort, then click here to apply.  (Note discount if paid in full at beginning of certificate, total cost is $1395.

Scheduled meetings for Sep 1, 2023-Aug 31, 2924:
September: Saturdays Noon-1:30 ET
October-June: Saturdays, Noon-1:30 ET and Sundays, Noon-1:30 for class, 2-2:45 for critiques
July-August: Sundays 1-1:45 pm ET

Rev. Diane Cacciato, M.Ed.

Program coordinator Diane Cacciato holds a B.Ed in English and School Library Science from University of British Columbia and an M.Ed in School Library Science from University of Alberta. She is currently working on a second master’s degree in Theology and Religious History. ADF priest Diane has 33 years of teaching in the public school system in British Columbia, and three years of teaching in private schools and colleges in Japan. Since retiring from the public school system in 2016 she has been teaching group and private writing classes, and facilitating writing groups.