Dare. Question. Learn.

Some things are timeless…

Like Hypatia of Alexandria. The guardian ancestor of Cherry Hill Seminary has been a model for fearless learning since the third century of this era. Hypatia taught her students to pursue knowledge and live with the integrity demanded by a rapidly-changing society.

This is why we join her global admirers each year to celebrate her March 15 birthday (coincidentally, the same day that the Seminary received our nonprofit status) by asking for your support.

Like Hypatia, Cherry Hill Seminary dares our students to step out of their comfort zone, question their assumptions, learn new ways to co-exist with the world. It’s what they must do, really, if they aspire to transform that world, in harmony with our Seminary values.

Sound serious?

Well, we are serious about being a force for good, serving the spiritual needs of those around us, bringing healing where we may, and celebrating the joy of being alive.

That’s why we reach out each year offering you the opportunity to join in our transforming work.

As a nonprofit organization, Cherry Hill Seminary counts on your financial support to be sure we will be there for years to come. When you make a contribution, you become part of our students’ fearless learning. And you not only support them, but you are extending your influence throughout the far-flung web of student and faculty connections around the world.

Will you accept the challenge?

Your gift of any amount is gratefully received; even better is when you make it a monthly recurring contribution, as have many others who care about a strong foundation for the Seminary. We also welcome your pledge of a gift to come, since that helps us to plan our budget for the year ahead.

Dare. Question. Learn.

To all who give or pledge $25 USD and above, we will send you our new Hypatia altar card as a token of our gratitude. Thank you for giving today to empower those who take up Hypatia’s mantle of spiritual leadership.

dare to question and learn with cherry hill seminary

This beautiful new Hypatia altar card will be sent to each person who makes a contribution of $25 or more.