Pagans in Pandemic Spring 2020

We asked you to share what’s happening in your world as we go through the

photo courtesy of Laurel Holmstrom-Keyes

pandemic together. Thanks to everyone who responded!
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Aidan Solar in Canada; Lucia Morena Vela in Spain; Laurel Holmstrom-Keyes in California; Julie Olson, CMC, in Arizona; Katherine Bayne in Virginia; David Oringderff in Missouri; Strobus White in Massachusetts; Maggie Beaumont in New Jersey; Megan Woolever in California; Joan Ouimette, M.Div. and CHS alumna; Michael York, in England; Cynthia Cebuhar in Arizona; Brandy Williams in Washington (state); Jennifer Bennett in Massachusetts; Wes Isley, M.Div. and CHS alumnus; Lauren Raine in Arizona, former CHS Artist-in-Residence; Valentine McKay-Riddell in New Mexico; Amy Beltaine in Portugal; Jenny Blain in Scotland.