A Calling to Pagans

Tomorrow many Christians will celebrate a feast of fire which they call Pentecost. Some of you may remember the story, and it feels as if fire is raining down on all our heads today, around our country, just as it did on the early apostles of the Pentecost story. I asked my friend, a Lutheran minister, what he plans to say to his congregation tomorrow. He had just driven several hours to get home in time to attend a rally here in Columbia which turned ugly after he left, thinking it was over. He pointed out that we can let…

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Remembering September 11

Ten years ago… Cherry Hill Seminary was a fledgling online presence, no less pained by the violence of September 11, 2011, than our sisters and brothers in the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, non-religious, and other religious communities across the country, around the world. Ten years later, our faculty and students reflect on the meaning they draw from this decade of grieving, self-examination and, we hope, healing.  No doubt, the aftermath of September 11 became part of the journey of some to Cherry Hill Seminary where they join with others in building reservoirs of wisdom. At first, we intended to issue a…

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  • Congratulations Robert Patrick!

    The 2023 Professor of the Year is Robert Patrick!

    Read here about the Feb 25 ceremony, awards, and view recording.