Wishes for the Winter Solstice

Social media recently surprised me with old photos of me in front of kindergartners at a local school, telling them about the winter solstice. If you love to tell stories, as I do, you gotta love how transfixed five year olds are when you move into a bit of a singsong chant about how it gets dark when we go to sleep, and the sun goes to sleep too, every night, and then in the morning we wake up (happy hands shoot up here), just like the sun does every morning. In the winter, the sun needs more rest, so…

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Parting Words: Candace Kant, Ph.D.

From Our Outgoing Academic Dean: Dear Students, Faculty, Staff and Board Leadership, I have genuinely enjoyed serving as Academic Dean for the past three years and have been honored to be able to work with the dedicated, committed, talented, and enthusiastic students, faculty, and administration of Cherry Hill Seminary. In my three years as Academic Dean we have reviewed our curriculum and our degrees and have continued to prepare for eventual accreditation. We have provided both graduate and Insights courses that are needed by our community. I am very proud of what has been accomplished, the growth we have had…

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The Burden of Liberty

Fireworks, footlongs, baseball and the beach are the usual order of the day on the U.S. Independence Day holiday. Our philharmonic here in S.C. will accompany lakeside festivities with the usual 1812 Overture, complete with cannon fire. And many will contemplate the years they served in uniform, or supported someone who did. Being in the Bible Belt, no doubt some will pray for our country and sing patriotic hymns. The predominant emotions, though, will be enjoyment of a long weekend and cookouts with friends. Cherry Hill Seminary serves students and includes faculty from a number of countries, but we acknowledge…

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Deep In My Heart I Do Believe

This week I watched a fantastic documentary film called Shared Legacies: The African-American Jewish Civil Rights Alliance. The inspiration of Shared Legacies was in jarring contrast to the Washington riot we’ve been seeing replayed over and over on television. It’s hard to place the lives lost in the DC melee beside civil rights martyrs. Still, we must remember that some lost their lives in a way that refocused our attention on the things that really matter in America and beyond. A juxtaposition of January 6 with a previous Black Lives Matter march and rally allows those who are willing to…

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  • Library & Research Orientation Jan 21

    Dana Doerksen, MLIS

    Seminary Librarian Dana Doerksen will be presenting another Library & Research Orientation on Saturday, January 21, 2023, at 2:00 PM ET (US) on ZOOM. Meet with Dana to talk about research in general and services available at Cherry Hill Seminary. We will also spend some time exploring the resources in the Judy Harrow Memorial Library and Information Center. Bring any questions that you have, there will be time at the end of the prepared presentation. Students, faculty, and staff are all most welcome. Register here and bring your cup of coffee!