CHS Pagans at 2023 Parliament – Macha

from Aline (Macha) O’Brien – Pagans, both groups and individuals, were a strong and visible presence at the most recent Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago. I attended as a National Interfaith Representative of the Covenant of the Goddess (, without whose support I wouldn’t have been there, but also less formally for Cherry Hill Seminary and COMPASS ( On behalf of the third, I found several Pagans eager to participate in Hematite Inmate Ministries, as well as potential interviewers — interviewees are easy to find, interviewers much harder — for the Pagan History Project. What I was most proud of, however, were two plenary speeches by Pagans, both on the rise of facsism, one by PWR Trustee Phyllis Curott and the other by CoG member Dr. Gus diZerega.