CHS Pagans at 2023 Parliament – Lawrence

Four elements masks from the Cosmic Mass

from Lawrence Lerner – The 2023 Chicago Parliament of the World’s Religions celebrated 130 years in the birthplace of the modern interfaith movement. 2023 was the largest Pagan presence in its history, with approximately 200 Pagans in attendance. Our community had an exceptionally welcoming, inviting interfaith room, curated by Twilla York, featuring 20 insightful talks, two tables brimming with reading literature and books, and contributions from a dozen or more Pagan traditions and groups. Rev. Laura Gonzalez added to the grandeur with a powerful presentation during the opening ceremony in front of 8,000 attendees. It was a moment of progress. During one of the first modern Parliaments, members of one faith group walked off stage when the Goddess was invoked. Join us in future events as we continue to raise awareness of the Pagan presence and celebrate its contributions to the interfaith movement. Summarizing an event three years in the making and many sessions and panels was tough. I wanted to acknowledge the Pagan presence and stellar work of so many people, but two rose to the top. Our interfaith room showed the effort and dedication of the entire Pagan community.