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Materials for Students

Student Catalog 2014

(you may order a print copy of the 2014 catalog by clicking here)

CHS Bookstore (your purchases benefit CHS)

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Course Evaluation (required at the end of each course taken)

Finding Academic Literature – by Scott Martin, CHS Librarian

What Is Contemporary Paganism?  brochure

Student Leave of Absence Request 

Student Course Withdrawal Request 

Student Practicum/Internship Agreement

Student Change of Program Request

Student Catalog (2013)

Student Catalog (2012)

Student Catalog (2011)

Student Catalog (2009)

*Please note that materials issued prior to June 2013 often refer to Foundations courses.  These are now called “Insights” but information is still applicable.


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Emergency Resources

Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence Don’t Look Away:  Recognizing & Responding to Abuse for non-professionals Recognizing signs of sexual abuse Get help: Hotline and chatline Abuse defined (signs and red flags, power and control wheel, types of abuse) The power and control wheel National Resource Center on Domestic Violence Resources and outreach for deaf individuals Child …

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The Pagan as a Professional Chaplain

By Rev. David Oliver Kling, M.Div.  Imagine the following scenarios…  – You have recently finished your education at Cherry Hill Seminary and you’ve been hired as a healthcare chaplain at a local hospital.  The Director of Pastoral Care turns to you and says, “Well, since you’re the newest chaplain you get to preach at our …

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What About Pagan Clergy?

This June 6, 2013, article by Wendy Griffin makes some excellent points that we want to share with you (by Dr. Griffin’s permission) A Professional Priesthood? Periodically, the Pagan community gets caught up in a discussion about whether or not we should have professional clergy. This is significant in a religion where the Divine may …

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