Materials for Students

Student Catalog 2018  *Don’t forget that 99% of the answers to your questions can be found in the catalog.

Contact Moodle tech support: write

Judy Harrow Memorial Library (in Moodle)

Course Evaluation (required at the end of each course taken)

Order a Student ID card (for matriculated students only)

What Is Contemporary Paganism?  brochure

Student Leave of Absence Request 

Leave of Absence Return Request

Student Course Withdrawal Request 

Student Practicum/Internship Agreement

Student Change of Program Request

Student Catalog 2017

Student Catalog 2016

Student Catalog 2015

Student Catalog 2014

Student Catalog (2013)

Student Catalog (2012)

Student Catalog (2011)

Student Catalog (2009)

*Please note that materials issued prior to June 2013 often refer to Foundations courses.  These are now called “Insights” but information is still applicable.


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