Wikipedia for Pagans

Jeffrey M. Keefer, Ph.D.

Do you use Wikipedia? Of course, you do!  Wikipedia is the 13th most trafficked site on the internet, and its articles on every topic imaginable are freely available to anybody to use and edit.  Do you ever think you sometimes know more abut the articles you find related to Pagan and Nature Spiritualities than what is already there, and wonder how you can help improve them with factual information supported by evidence? Perhaps you notice a gap, and wish there were an article on something that is not there, but are not sure how to write a new article with enough evidence for it to stick? This course will empower you to edit Wikipedia and contribute to a more credible and inclusive representation of your spiritual and religious histories.

Instructor: Jeffrey Keefer, Ph.D.
Course Dates: Jan 11-Feb 7 2021
Class Meetings: Mondays, 6:00 PM ET
Required Reading:
No texts; all materials will be freely provided online.

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