The Dark Goddess: Her Many Faces and Expressions

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For many the idea of the Dark Goddess evokes foreboding and ferocity. Many understand her solely to be a harbinger of death, dismemberment and/or sacred rage. Yet the Dark Goddess has many faces and many names. She is also the Primordial one, the prima materia through whom the Universe is continually birthed, destroyed and re-birthed. She is the Creatrix, a womb Goddess who knits together new life and forms. She is a bringer of Transformation, holding the alchemical mystery of the cauldron. And she is the Erotic one, she who expresses the raw, potent desire of sexuality. 

In this experiential course we will explore the many faces and forms of the Dark Goddess, demystifying many of her aspects that are often misunderstood or vilified. Guidance will be given for how we can best approach and undertake a relationship with the various transcultural expressions of this dynamic, powerful deity—whose worship, in some parts of the world, has been held in unbroken lineage for thousands of years. Special focus will be given to how working with the Dark Goddess empowers, emboldens and enables us to step into agency and sovereignty in our lives and magic.

November Session: Nov 1-Nov 28

Class meetings: Tuesday 7:00-8:00 PM ET

Total Tuition Cost: $85

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Megan Rose, Ph.D., Dept. of Ministry, Advocacy & Leadership

Professor: Megan Rose, Ph.D. has a doctorate in East-West psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and a master’s degree in religion in society from the Graduate Theological Union. She is an initiated ceremonial magician, a Shakta Tantric practitioner, and a senior seer in the House of Brigh Faery Seership Institute. She serves as an ecospiritual minister and psycho-spiritual counselor and is the executive director of the Entheosis Institute.