First Time at CHS?

Are you brand new to Cherry Hill Seminary and thinking of taking a class?

Here’s what you can expect if you are taking anything as a non-master’s student (master’s applicants go here instead):

1. Fill out this very short registration form.  You only need to do it once – after that, you are in our system.

2. Pick out the course or courses you wish to take, click on “pay to register” on the course page, and when you pay online Paypal will send an email to CHS notifying us that you have done so.

3. When we receive that Paypal email, we immediately send you an email reply saying we have received your payment.  If you do not hear from us in a day or two, email us at CHS @ to be sure it went through.

4. The office sends your name over to Selina, our Moodle tech, and she sets you up in our online classroom system.  She will email you with login and password, and advise you to go through the short tutorial inside Moodle  You are responsible for doing this before class starts!

5. What is Moodle?  Go to the student catalog to read more about our technology.  Basically, you are going to have a web-based “homeroom” for your class where the instructor will post a syllabus and assignments, and where ongoing class discussions will take place.

6. About class meetings – most classes have a “live” meeting by either Skype or Google+.  You are required to set up Skype on your own computer and be prepared to use it – there’s lots of info in the catalog, as well as at  It’s free and easy.  Some of us are starting to try out Google+, but your teacher will check with everyone if s/he wants to use something besides Skype.

7. There is a link for tech support inside Moodle.  If you lose your login, there is a reset button on the login page (found under For Students on our main web site, if you lose your link).

It’s really not as complicated as it sounds, and we do everything we can to make it easy for you.  Just let us know if you ever need help.