The Pagan Revival

In 1700, there was no-one in Europe or America who identified as Pagan – but today Pagans number into the millions. The process of reviving Paganism in the modern world was a lengthy and fascinating one. This course looks in detail at four texts from the 18th and 19th centuries which illustrate key points in the evolution of modern Paganism. Students will be encouraged to think about their own relationship with these texts and to discuss their continuing relevance.

Instructor: Robin Douglas, Ph.D.

Meeting time: Saturdays 12pm ET, Jan 13, Jan 20, Jan 27 and Feb 3

Required Text(s):
First session: William Jones, “What means all this frensy”: here at 539-541
Second session: The funeral of Edward Williams and Percy Shelley: here at 206-214
Third session: Edward Carpenter, Civilisation: Its Cause and Cure, here at 1-50 and esp. 45-47
Fourth session: Golden Dawn, Ceremony of the Grade of Practicus: here at 92-120

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