M5002 Children, Youth & Teens in Contemporary Paganism

Students consider the ways individual parents and communities across various Pagan traditions perceive, teach and include their children in their spiritual practices, then go on to consider engagement of young people and teens on a spiritual level. This course prepares Pagan leaders to be able to develop age-appropriate activities and resources for their communities. Students will explore existing effective programs for Pagan religious education, and create original materials to serve youths and teens in the age-related challenges they face, through rites of passage and other coming of age ceremonies, as well as appropriate bridging ceremonies and programs, and campus ministry.

Instructor: Margo Wolfe, Ph.D.

Meeting time: Mondays, 7 pm ET

Required Text(s): Children of the Green: Raising our Kids in Pagan Traditions,Hannah Johnson, Ph.D. (Kindle edition, if possible)

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