Event Schedule

Friday9:0010:00Registration and free brunch (participants watch email for invitation)
10:3010:45OpeningHolli Emore, Cherry Hill Seminary, Jonathan Leader, University of South Carolina
10:4511:45Paper 1Sacred Symbols as BattlegroundTahni Nikitins
11:4512:15Paper 2Reconstruction and Racism in Modern HeathenryStephan Grundy
12:151:15Lunch on own
1:152:15Paper 3Reclaiming the Double Helix: Countering Racist Heathenry's Co-Option of Human GeneticsBen Waggoner
2:153:15Paper 4The tightening control of extremist activity in Russia and studying under-the radar racist Rodnoverie groups and politicsKaarina Aitamurto
3:304:30Paper 5Performing “American Völkisch”Jefferson Calico
4:305:30Paper 6NeoPagans, the Volk, and the Authoritarian RightGus DiZerega
5:30Close & Announcements
Saturday9:309:45OpeningHolli Emore, Cherry Hill Seminary
9:4511:00Guest SpeakerBalancing on the Rainbow Bridge: the Challenge of Inclusive HeathenryDiana Paxson, The Troth
11:0011:15IntroductionJonathan Leader, University of South Carolina
11:1512:30Keynote AddressArguing with the Ancestors: Making the Case for a Paganism Beyond RacismMichael Strmiska, Ph.D., State University of New York-Orange
12:302:00Lunch on own
2:003:45Panel DiscussionMoving Forward from Declaration 127: A Heathenry For The FutureDiana Paxson and Berkano Hearth Union
4:005:00Special GuestOmar Shaheed
5:00Close & Announcements
Sunday9:30OpeningJonathan Leader, University of South Carolina
9:3010:15Paper 7Child of the Lost Cause: the Lingering Malaise of Post-Reconstruction Racism in The American SouthHolli Emore
10:1511:00Paper 8Radicalization, Recruitment and Realities in Modern Paganism and Heathenry: a perspectiveJonathan Leader
11:1511:45Summary ResponseMichael Strmiska
11:4512:00ClosingHolli Emore, Cherry Hill Seminary, Jonathan Leader, University of South Carolina