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The Hypatia Society



 Individual memberships: Group memberships:
$20 Astronomer

Vinyl CHS logo decal 5″ square

$50 Observatory

CHS enamel pins for up to 6 members of your group

$45 Mathematician

Enamel CHS pin 3/4″ round, plus Astronomer benefits

$100 Lunarium

One free Insights course for one member of your group, plus Observatory benefits

$95 Philosopher

10% discount on one Insights course, plus Mathematician benefits

$250 Solarium

One free Pagan Community Education course for one member of your group, plus Lunarium benefits

$150 Teacher

20% discount on one Insights course, plus Philosopher benefits

$500 Naos

Your group web link on our THS web site, plus Solarium benefits

$250 Mystic

Free registration at any CHS one-day event, plus Teacher benefits

$1,000 Inner Sanctum

Two free Pagan Community Education courses for your group, plus Naos benefits

$500 Beloved

Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes canvas bag, plus Mystic benefits

$1,000 Divine Guide

Online link as sponsor, plus Beloved benefits

Hypatia of Alexandria was a 4th century C.E. astronomer, mathematician, teacher and philosopher of international reputation. Socrates Scholasticus wrote that “she far surpassed all the philosophers of her time: and was greatly respected for her “extraordinary dignity and virtue.” Hypatia’s house was an important intellectual center in a city distinguished for its learning. Damasius described how she “used to put on her philosopher’s cloak and walk through the middle of town” to give public lectures on philosophy. Admired by all Alexandria, Hypatia was one of the most politically powerful figures in the city. She was one of the few women who attended civic assemblies. Magistrates came to her for advice, including her close friend, the prefect Orestes. In the midst of severe religious polarization, Hypatia was an influential force for tolerance and moderation. She accepted students, who came to her “from everywhere,” without regard to religion.  (read more here) –Max Dashu
Cherry Hill Seminary gratefully acknowledges the kind permission of artist Max Dashu to reproduce her haunting painting of Hypatia. Click here to order a printed poster of Dashu’s painting.

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