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For Students

Imagine that you are in a sacred learning place – a classroom, a forest, a library, a home, a courtroom.

Imagine that you are in the presence of sacred teaching – a professor’s questions, an animal’s presence, the words or traditions of a people who may no longer walk this earth, a group of friends, a stranger.

Imagine that you hear a call to sacred service – a voice, an aptitude, a vision, a need, a yearning.

You may feel connected to those who have gone before, as well as those yet to be. Some from our past you can name, such as Hypatia and Julian Faithkeeper. Through your connections to our histories and traditions, our contemporary expressions, our communities, our world, and your own unique sense of calling, you seek preparation to serve those who are present now, and those who follow.

And to this we, the faculty, staff, students and supporters of Cherry Hill Seminary, say “Well come, and well met.” We marvel that we can, with pride and honor, greet you as you begin your graduate studies with us in Professional Pagan Ministry. Not long ago such a phrase – Professional Pagan Ministry – was unthinkable. Yet here we are engaged in exactly that!

At Cherry Hill Seminary, we strive for academic excellence, deep and broad Pagan spiritual formation, practical ministry skills, and community connection and support. We are committed to these things: for you, for ourselves, and for the gods – this is our sacred service.

May your sacred service be enhanced by your study at Cherry Hill Seminary.

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Materials for Students

Student Catalog 2014 CHS Bookstore (your purchases benefit CHS) Contact Moodle tech support: write Course Evaluation (required at the end of each course taken) Finding Academic Literature – by Scott Martin, CHS Librarian What Is Contemporary Paganism?  brochure Student Leave of Absence Request  Student Course Withdrawal Request  Student Practicum/Internship Agreement Student Change of Program …

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 2014 Jan 14 Spring semester begins Jan 14 Insights Spring 1 classes begin Jan 21 Drop/Add deadline midnight tonight Feb 10 Insights Spring 1 classes end Feb 11 Insights Spring 2 classes begin Feb 25 Insights Spring 1 grades due Mar 10 Insights Spring 2 classes end Mar 11 Insights Spring 3 classes begin Mar …

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Click to learn how to pay with installments or pay in full below Burning Man $95 Beyond Bake Sales $95 Beginner’s Guide to Shapeshifting $95 Rhizomes bundle of all five courses(a $485 value; a different individual may take each of the five courses) $295 Understanding Ritual Experience $435 Psychopathology $435 Family Systems/Systems Theory $435 Introduction …

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Educational Programs

Cherry Hill Seminary programs are designed to meet the needs of working adults, living in a complex and demanding world. Because Cherry Hill Seminary teaches primarily through distance education, students have more flexibility in the specific hours each week they need to reserve for study. With no need for daily travel to classes, Cherry Hill …

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Admissions Overview

Cherry Hill Seminary welcomes those who hunger for knowledge, training and the dynamics of the classroom educational experience. There are several ways to pursue learning with Cherry Hill Seminary. Applications to a master’s degree program are competitive, requiring a rigorous admissions process, described in the Student Catalog. Pursuit of a certificate is less strenuous, although …

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Summer 2014 Courses

Master’s-level courses Understanding Ritual Experience Psychopathology: Creativity, Madness, and Pagan Spirit Family Systems/Systems Theory Introduction to Homiletics: The Art and Craft of Preaching Insights 4-week courses                                   First time at CHS? Burning Man: Rethinking Ritual, Spirituality, and Culture - week …

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Past Courses

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