M5100 Advocacy for Social Justice

Social justice is the movement towards a more socially just world through the actions of a group of individuals working together to achieve its goals. The course introduces students to key thinkers, ideas and activists, as well as debates on topics such as poverty, racism, colonization, and the rights of indigenous peoples. It examines various social movements that have led to changes in society and the skills needed to work for social change. Students will be challenged to identify and catalog theologies and spiritualities of engagement as they are expressed in world religious traditions, to identify those values in their own traditions which call for engagement, and to craft for themselves a working statement of spiritual engagement based on their own practices and cultural contexts.
Instructor: Thomas Nowlin, Ph.D.
Meeting Day/Time: Mondays, 7 pm ET
Required Texts:
Sandel, M.J. (2009). Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do? New York,
NY: Farrar, Sraus, and Giroux.
Nussbaum, M.C. (2011). Creating Capabilities: The Human development
Approach. Cambridge, MA: Belknap.

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