The Dark God: His many faces and expressions (4 weeks in November)

The Dark God: His many faces and expressions

Instructor: Megan Rose, Ph.D.
Meeting time: Tuesdays, 8:00 pm ET in November

For many the idea of the Dark God evokes the fear of a sinister shadow figure of ill-intent. However, darkness is neither evil nor malicious. The Dark God holds the potent male aspects of that which is hidden, repressed, and/or rejected in our collective unconscious.

The Dark God has many faces and many names. He is the Horned One, the Lord of the Animals and the Green Man.  He is the Wild Man, an erotic trickster unfettered and unencumbered by doctrine or rules. He is the Liminal King, an edge-walker and guardian of the thresholds. And he is the Lord of Death, leader of the Wild Hunt and ruler of the Otherworld.

In this experiential course we will explore the many faces and forms of the Dark God, demystifying many of his aspects that are often misunderstood or vilified. Attention will be paid to the cultural trauma and projections foisted upon this archetypal role and the concept of darkness. Guidance will be given for how we can best approach and undertake a relationship with the various transcultural expressions of this dynamic, powerful deity. Special focus will be given to how working with the Dark God empowers, emboldens, and enables us to step into agency and sovereignty in our lives and magic.

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