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Admired by all Alexandria, Hypatia was one of the most politically powerful figures in the city of Alexandria, Egypt. She was one of the few women who attended civic assemblies. Magistrates came to her for advice, including her close friend, the prefect Orestes. [Damasius, Socrates Scholasticus] In the midst of severe religious polarization, Hypatia was an influential force for tolerance and moderation. She accepted students, who came to her “from everywhere,” without regard to religion.

In honor of Hypatia, who also serves as our Guardian Ancestor, and her commitment to inclusive and accessible education, we offer this opportunity to support Cherry Hill Seminary through membership to the Hypatia Society. Your support, by way of membership, enables Cherry Hill Seminary to continue Hypatia’s legacy through our educational programs and services to the Pagan community.

Group Memberships Individual Memberships
Observatory – $50  Join today! Astronomer – $20 Join today!
Lunarium – $100  Join today! Mathematician – $45  Join today!
Solarium –  $250  Join today! Philosopher – $95  Join today!
Naos – $500 Join today! Teacher –  $150  Join today!
Inner Sanctum – $1000 Join today! Mystic – $250  Join today!
Beloved – $500  Join today!
Divine Guide –  $1000  Join today!