Visions of Matristic History

Race MoChridhe

Race MoChridhe

Since the 19th century, poets, historians, and activists have put forward theories of ancient cultures focused on and led by women. The pioneering work of Dr. Marija Gimbutas brought one version of these visions both scholarly credibility and public notoriety during the 1980s and 90s but, at the same time, attracted fierce criticism from many quarters. In this four-week course, students will survey the past and present of the debate, explore the challenges it mounts to our understandings of both history and myth, and learn what diverse visions of matristic pasts mean to their adherents and how they are generating new vistas of imagination for the future.

Instructor: Race MoChridhe
Class Meetings:  Sundays at 2 pm ET starting March 27 through April 23
Required Readings: Instructor will provide

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