Transpersonal Genealogy II

My 3rd great-grandmother Mary Ann “Mamie” McMaster on her wedding day 12 Mar 1891

My 3rd great-grandmother Mary Ann
“Mamie” McMaster
on her wedding day
12 Mar 1891

Please consider joining this class as we reach beyond our own lives and current generation by researching our family trees. We will focus on finding (often challenging to research) female ancestors, learn ways of scaling brick walls in our research, and explore how the lives of our ancestors continue to affect us today. This course will combine experiential learning with engaging lecture, thought-provoking video, and conscientious discussion of each others’ postings.

Instructor: Kristin N. Rivers, Ph.D.

Class Meetings: TBD by students and instructor, Fall 3 session

Climb Your Family Tree: Explore the Genealogy Resource Guide including great, free genealogy research tips, websites, and a specially recorded video guide for beginning (or continuing) on this exciting journey.

Focus on Female Ancestors: Learn methods of locating the frequently challenging-to-find female side of your family. Engage with Sharon DeBartolo Carmack’s seminal work combined with your instructor’s extensive experience in researching her female ancestors.

Scale Brick Walls: Focus on how to bust through brick walls (feeling stuck or seemingly unable to locate a particular piece of information in your search).

Go Beyond Names, Dates and Places: Explore the lived experience of your ancestors, reflect on how what you learn (about them) impacts you, and consider the spiritual nature of connecting with your ancestors.

Required readings:

Kristin N. Rivers, Ph.D.

Kristin N. Rivers, Ph.D.

Croom, Emily. 2001. Unpuzzling Your Past: The Best-Selling Basic Guide to Genealogy (4th ed.). Cincinnati: Betterway Books.

Recommended reading: Carmack, Sharon.1998. A genealogist’s guide to discovering your female ancestors: Special strategies for uncovering hard-to-find information about your female lineage. Cincinnati: Betterway Books

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