The Secret of Sacred Places

IMG_1909Regardless of where you live, The Secret of Sacred Places will encourage you to explore ideas of sacredness of place. Particularly, it asks whether ‘sacredness’ is something that human-people confer or inscribe in a ‘sacred site’, or whether sacredness is an attribute of all land (and sea), though more recognized in some places than others. If we look at the ancient monuments of Britain, why are they where they are? (There are very many of them!) How may today’s Pagans regard such places, and how regard the ‘ancestors’ who seem to have recognized particular qualities, divinities, spirits and marked this recognition by their monuments?

Jenny Blain, Ph.D.

Jenny Blain, Ph.D.

Instructor: Jenny Blain, Ph.D.

Class Meetings: no live meetings, runs Sept 7 – Oct 11

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