The Salem Witches: Fact and Fiction

Crucible-1968Instructor: Angela Farmer
Class Meetings: none, four weeks beginning the week of July 27

Class Description: The more students learn about The Witch Hunts of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, the more they can appreciate our Pagan heritage and the events early American witches lived through. This short course briefly explores the events leading to

Angela Farmer, Ph.D.

Angela Farmer, Ph.D.

The Salem Witch Trials and then reflects on some “fictionalized” texts representing those events (literature, film, television, etc.). From the wild depictions of Tituba to the dreadful outcomes for those accused, many tourist attractions, movies, and television shows misrepresent the history of the Salem Witch Trials. After this course, students should be able to separate the facts from the myths surrounding this iconic moment in American religious history.

Required Readings: Instructor will provide

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