The Prose Edda: Snorri Sturluson as Pagan Ancestor

Though he was not Heathen, his work has become part of the foundations of Heathenry today. This class looks at the Prose Edda and some other works of Snorri, as background and source material – sometimes problematically! – for the construction of today’s Heathenry. Snorri, historian, poet and politician, was born in 1179 and was killed in 1241. In writing his Edda over a period of around 20 years, he was attempting to give young poets a sense of the mythology pre-dating Christianity, so that they could make use of traditional techniques in their work – and so brought together traditional stories and poems in his Edda.

Instructor: Jenny Blain

Jenny Blain, Ph.D.,
Dept. of Theology & Religious History

Class Meetings: none

Required Readings:

Sturluson, Snorri. Edda. Faulkes, Anthony (editor and translator) Everyman Press. 1995 or 2008. Either version is acceptable for this class. No other version of this Edda is complete.

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