Spiritual Autobiography M6340/N6705


Class meetings:

Exploration of the various processes of spiritual formation.  Students will read autobiographies of Pagan and other spiritual leaders and examine their own lives to develop narratives of their own spiritual development.  Class assignments will include response to and analysis of readings as well as creative writing exercises, culminating in the creation of a chapter from the student’s spiritual autobiography.

Fulfills the Area I requirement for a course addressing spiritual formation and creativity. This class meets with the PCE course Pagan Spiritual Autobiography.

Required Texts:

  • Sanders, Maxine. Fire Child. Mandrake, 2007. ISBN: 1869928784
  • Monaghan, Patricia. Red Haired Girl from the Bog. New World Library, 2004. ISBN: 1577314581
  • MacEowen, Frank. The Mist-Filled Path. New World Library, 2002. ISBN: 1577312112
  • Hill, Julia Butterfly. The Legacy of Luna. HarperOne, 2001. ISBN: 62516590
  • Leland, Charles. Aradia: Gospel of the Witches. The Witches Almanac, 2010. ISBN: 982432356
  • Silverman, Sue William. Fearless Confessions: A Writer’s Guide to Memoir. University of Georgia Press, 2009. ISBN: 082033166X

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