Religion and the Law Post 9/11

Receive an overview of our legal structure and learn how find the law you need online. Learn how the First Amendment protects us from government assault and interference, and if the Patriot Act affects this. You will understand what freedom of speech and assembly means. You will know how to confront discrimination in housing, employment and in child custody conflicts. Students will be trained to counsel Conscientious Objectors. Our free “public access,” right to television will be explored. You will also receive instruction on the best way to volunteer to assist Pagans who are incarcerated. With this knowledge, you can become a sword and a shield for our community. This class meets concurrently with students in the Master’s Programs.   A5101

Instructor: James Bianchi

James L. Bianchi, Attorney at Law

Class Meetings: Tuesdays 9 pm ET

Prerequisites: None 

Required Reading:

Eilers, Dana D. Pagans and the Law. New Page Books (2003)

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