Public Ritual M5240

Instructor: Robert Patrick, M. Div. PhD

Class Meetings: None

This class explores the two dimensions represented by its title: what is ritual, and what does providing public ritual mean? Students will be asked to consider definitions and understandings of ritual from a variety of perspectives and challenged to consider when rituals that open the door to deep meaning should be other than public. In addition to philosophical, spiritual and social/cultural considerations, this course will also focus on the very practical aspects of
designing and creating ritual that is effect as well as examining what makes a ritual effective for participants.

Fulfills the Area III requirement for a course in Ministry, Advocacy and Leadership.

Required Texts:

  • Bonewits, Isaac, Neopagan Rites: A Guide to Creating Public Rituals That Work. Llewellyn Publications (2007) ISBN: 100738711993
  • Handelman, Dan and Lindquist, Galina. Ritual In Its Own Right. Berghahn Books  (2005) ISBN: 101845450519
  • K, Azrael Arynn and K Amber. Ritualcraft: Creating Rites for Transformation and Celebration. Llewellyn Publications (2006) ISBN: 101567180094
  • Schirch, Lisa, Ritual and Symbol in Peacemaking.  Kumarian Press (2004) ISBN: 13978565491946
  • Zell-Ravenhart, Oberon and Morning Glory, Creating Circles and Ceremonies: Ritual for All Seasons and Reasons. New Page Books (2006) ISBN: 101564148643

Fulfills the Area III requirements for a course in public ritual.

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