Preserving Pagan History: A Workshop in Doing Oral History

Do you know a Pagan elder whose story needs to be captured for posterity while they are still in this world?  Use this unique class to plan and conduct an oral history interview with an individual from your personal spiritual community. Collecting the stories of Pagan elders is a valuable way to preserve some of the earlier history from this movement using first-person accounts. You use your own recording equipment, but most laptops, tablets and even many cell phones have decent audio and video recorders these days so don’t be discouraged by this as you probably already own something adequate! Simple (and free) software for editing will be introduced and spaces for preserving and presenting the interviews will also be covered in online discussions.

Instructor: Alison Beyer
Class Meetings: none, all online starting February 20 through March 19
Required Readings:
DeBlasio, Donna, et al. 2009. Catching Stories: A practical guide to oral history. Athens, OH: Swallow Press/ Ohio University Press

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