Paganism, Climate Science & the Science of Denial T6472

PrintHow do we know the climate is changing or what is causing it? What can different contemporary Pagan traditions add to our understanding of the issues involved? Why do some people refuse to acknowledge the problem? How can we have intelligent, persuasive discussions with “climate deniers?” This class is designed for the nonscientist to answer these questions and practice basic tools of critical analysis and communication that are widely transferable to other topics. In the process, students will develop both the knowledge and the skills to be effective advocates for Gaia.

Fulfills:  This is a requirement for the certificate in Environmental Leadership and counts as an Area I class for other students.
Prerequisites: none

Wendy Griffin, Ph.D., Academic Dean

Wendy Griffin, Ph.D.,
Academic Dean

Instructor: Wendy Griffin
Class Meetings: Monday at 8:30 pm ET
Required Texts:

What We Think about When We Try Not to Think about Global Warming by Per Espen Stoknes. White River Junction, VT: Chelsea Green Publishing. 2015.

Facing Climate Change by Jeffrey Kiehl, NY: Columbia University Press. 2016.

The Earth Path by Starhawk. NY: Harper Collins. 2004. 

Other readings will be supplied by the instructor.

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