Narrative Auto-Ethnography & Contemporary Paganism: An Artistic Experience

Alison Beyer

Alison Beyer

In addition to learning about and discussing the relevance of auto-ethnography within the study of contemporary Paganism, each student will create an artistic project from an autoethnographic space, actually participating in using this research methodology while creating a finished narrative work. There will be a variety of ways to accomplish this including, but not limited to: written or visual work, audio/ video pieces, photography/ performance or through a combination of approaches.  Artists and non-artists alike will be guided through a process that will result in an artistic experience that will deepen the internal discussion of what being Pagan means to us as individuals as well as collectively in our community.

Instructor: Alison Beyer

Class meetings: Sundays 3 PM ET, week of Sep 9 through Oct 6

Required readings:

Muncey, Tessa, 2010. Creating Autoethnographies. London: Sage

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