Moral Advocacy: Overcoming the Divide A5300

James L. Bianchi, J.D.

James L. Bianchi, J.D.

Instructor: James Bianchi
Class Meetings: Tuesday evenings 6:00 PM (ET)

Class Description: We are a nation divided by disinformation. Such polarization is not sustainable if we have any hope of solving the serious problems that confront our people. In my despair, I reached out to the Cherry Hill Seminary Faculty, and it was suggested that I read the book that is the text for this class. It reveals how we can get there from here and how to reach people we thought we couldn’t. This class will cover some amazing new discoveries in psychology as well as the visual cues to determine if one is speaking the truth.

Required Texts:
Haidt, Jonothan. 2013. The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion. New York: Vintage Books.

Prerequisites: none
Fulfills: This fills the requirement for a class in Area III.

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