Mediation for Peace M/A6570

James L. Bianchi, J.D.

James L. Bianchi, J.D.

The art of mediation involves getting people, or the entities they represent, to resolve a dispute by mutual agreement. The skills are generic. They apply equally well to political disputes as they do to relationship disputes. Exciting new findings in moral psychology reveal the delicate interplay between emotion and reason: providing powerful tools for truly understanding those with differing views. You will be among the first to learn how to use these exciting new discoveries in the art of bridging that which divides us.

Instructor: James Bianchi

Class Meetings: Thursday 9 pm ET

Required Reading:

Haidt, Jonathan. 2012. The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion. New York: Vintage Books 2013.

Prerequisites: none.

Fulfills: This fulfills the requirement for a course in Area III.

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