Living the Fifth Sacred Thing

fifthsacredthingAs we continue to see the devastation caused by environmental impropriety and the push towards religious extremism in our political climate, the events from the beloved novel The Fifth Sacred Thing, by Starhawk, become closer to fact than fiction. We will examine the book not just for its literary elements, but the lessons we can learn that might prevent us from making the same mistakes as our fictional counterparts. Students are encouraged to read the book before the start of the class so that we can begin immediately with the work.

Margo Wolfe, Ph.D.

Margo Wolfe, Ph.D.

Instructor: Margot Wolfe, Ph.D.

Class Meetings: Tuesdays 8PM ET, runs Oct 11 – Nov 8

Required Readings: Starhawk, 1994. The Fifth Sacred Thing. New York: Bantam Books 1994


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