Leading a Spiritually-Centered Enterprise A6310

Chandra Alexandre, Ph.D.

Chandra Alexandre, Ph.D.

Leading a spiritually-centered enterprise requires practical applications of and skill in management, marketing, and finance. A minefield of rules and regulations come into play the moment one decides to begin: licenses and permits, zoning restrictions, tax and employee regulations. In this course, we will look at taking vision to reality, tackling the nuts and bolts of creating a goal-oriented organization that is successful and solvent. Students will learn the basics of business planning, financial management, marketing, and how to research regulatory requirements and develop strategies for compliance. We will also investigate intellectual property laws, types of insurance, and sources and uses of funding.

Instructor: Chandra Alexandre

Class Meetings: none

Required Texts:

Bulger, Grace. 2002. The Enlightened Entrepreneur. New York: Marlowe & Company

Scott, Lyn. 2013. From Passion to Execution: How to Start and Grow an Effective Nonprofit. Crawfordsville, IN: R R Donnelley

Prerequisites: none

Fulfills: This course meets the requirement for a course in Area III.

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