Leading Like Water – A Rhizomes Course

Ava Park

Ava Park

Most of us were taught to lead and relate to others using the prevailing model, one that can create pain and confusion for individuals and promulgate abuse throughout society at all levels. “Leading Like Water” blends the ancient wisdom of The Tao with the powers of the little-known Queen Archetype. This revolutionary take on leadership is natural, powerful, and benefits all. “Leading Like Water” is for everyone, whether a public “leader” or not. This relationship shift enhances lives both personally and professionally, making families more joyful and careers more successful. Students completing the course are empowered to lead “for the good of all” more gracefully and powerfully in every setting. A Rhizomes course.

Instructor: Ava Park

Class Meetings: none (all discussions in online classroom forums) – Spring 3, Mar 11 – Apr 7

Required Readings: Readings will be provided online.

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