Just Talk With Them! Animal Communication for Pagans

Valentine McKay-Riddell, Ph.D.

Valentine McKay-Riddell, Ph.D.

Beliefs and practices of human-animal communication in various Pagan traditions (including indigenous spiritual traditions). Students learn various cultural attitudes towards the role of animals in Pagan spiritual practice, develop new respect for the teachings of our non-human friends, and find their own animal allies on whom they can call for help with any challenge. Pagan cultures addressed include Celtic, Native American, and Asian.

Instructor: Valentine McKay-Riddell

Class Meetings: Wednesdays 8 PM ET; Spring 2, Feb 11-Mar10

Required Readings:

Andrews, Ted. 2003. Animal Speak. St. Paul MN: Lewellyn Publications

Recommended Reading:

McKay-Riddell, Valentine. 2014. The River Goddess & Other Stories. Santa Fe, NM:
SunStone Press

Sams, Jamie & David Carson. 1988. Medicine Cards: The discovery of power through
the ways of animals. St. FE, NM: Bear & Co

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