Introduction to Pagan Theology C5141

Christine Hoff Kraemer, Ph.D., Chair, Theology & Religious History

Theology—the study of Deity—calls us to make connections between reason and experience, between history and contemporary life, between our own traditions and practices and those of others. It is something we *do*—a practice by which we grow in deep understanding of our relationships with the divine and others, not a matter of mere theory. In this class, we will explore and refine our personal theologies through encounters with significant voices in Paganism, the Western occult tradition, and earth-centered and feminist Christianity/post-Christianity, as well as develop expertise with theological terminology. Students will leave prepared to engage in informed and intelligent theological discussions with clergy from other religious traditions. Some chats may be led by guest lecturers or students. If 3 or fewer students are enrolled, the class will be offered as a directed study with no live chats.

Instructor: Christine Kraemer

Class Meetings: Thursdays 9:00 pm ET (If 3 or fewer students are enrolled, chats will be held monthly rather than weekly.)

Prerequisites: Contemporary Global Paganisms recommended but not required

Required Reading:

Kraemer, Christine Hoff. 2012. Seeking the Mystery: An Introduction to Pagan Theologies. Patheos Press.

Fulfills one of the four core course requirements for all Master’s degree students. This class must be completed within the first 30 credit hours of instruction, and must be done before taking Praxis.

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