Introduction to Fundraising

Holli S. Emore, Executive Director

Instructor: Holli S. Emore

Class Meetings: 8 pm (ET) Mondays

Philanthropy is a bedrock of American democracy, providing a balance between a purely corporate or a purely socialist state. But not only is it key to our survival, it’s a joy to give! Pagan groups and organizations are emerging from half a century or more of conflicted emotions about money, crippling growth or even sustainability. And yet, many potential donors say that they wonder why they are not asked to support the causes they believe in. Fundraising is not about selling things for profit, or harassing people you don’t know. It’s about building long-term relationships using time-tested and proven-effective strategies. Over the course of the class you will begin to develop your own fundraising plan. Four Monday evening live Skype chats (9PM ET), plus online classroom discussion and light assignments.

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