Honoring Our Beloved Dead

Selina Rifkin, M.A.

Selina Rifkin, M.A.

Honoring Our Beloved Dead: The Why and How of Building an Ancestor Practice

When we’re down and out, we can count on our beloved dead to protect us, comfort us, and give us advice. Who has your back? Whether you know for sure you need help or you just want to make a connection, this class will help you determine which of your ancestors to address, who counts as an ancestor, and how to get their attention. And it is not only those of our bloodline, but those that cared for us, those that have gone before that we admire, and our fur-bearing companions who can help us. We’ll talk about creatively keeping an ancestor altar and visiting graveyards.

Instructor: Selina Rifkin

Class Meetings: Tuesday 8 pm ET – Spring 3, Mar 11-Apr 7

Required Readings: Readings will be provided online

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