Heathenry: Altered states and non-human people T6808

Jenny Blain, Ph.D.

Jenny Blain, Ph.D.

Heathenry can be seen as a development of North European and Eurasian understandings of the relationships between humans, place, and other-than-human people or wights of land, rivers, houses, gardens and so forth. The focus in this course is on Britain and North Europe, though the worldview shares much with accounts of indigenous animist religions elsewhere. We will discuss the re-emergence of seidr, its descriptions in lore and historic and present-day performance, and we will investigate understandings of “ancestors” conceptualized as those who have involved themselves with that landscape on which today’s practitioners now dwell.

Instructor: Jenny Blain

Class Meetings: none

Required Texts:

Blain, Jenny. 2002. Nine Worlds of Seid-Magic: Ecstasy and neo-shamanism in North European Paganism. London & NY: Routledge

Harvey, Graham. 2005. Animism. London: Hurst & Company.

Larrington, Carolyne (translator).2008. The Poetic Edda. Oxford: Oxford Paperbacks; Reissue edition.

Thorrson (general editor), preface J Smiley, introduction R Kellogg. 2000. The Sagas of Icelanders. London: Penguin

Prerequisites: None

Fulfills:  Area I course.

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